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Sara Gottfried, MD
» TRY the HORMONE RESET diet FREE for 21 days!
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Finally, there's a way to take control of your body's reset button: hormones, the master switches that tell your body what to do. Dr. Sara Gottfried is a Harvard Medical School–trained MD and board-certified gynecologist — and struggled with her weight most of her life.

After her breakthrough discovery that fatness is caused by hormones, Dr. Gottfried's approach to "resetting" hormones enabled her to lose 25 pounds in just 2 months. As a New York Times best-selling author, she is uniquely qualified to translate the latest science into simple, actionable steps that anyone can understand. That's why The Hormone Reset Diet has helped thousands of other women lose — and it can help you, too.

Finally, you can burn fat, lose weight and inches, and enjoy glowing skin with the groundbreaking hormone-balancing plan in The Hormone Reset Diet. You will feel gloriously energized and well rested. You can lose up to 15 pounds in 21 days and love the way your body looks and moves!

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Seven hormones control whether you're fat or thin. When your hormones are misfiring, you can gain weight even when you eat less, because hormones control virtually all aspects of fat loss. They mandate key functions, including:

  • Where you store fat (and how much you store)
  • How fast you burn fat
  • Addictive patterns with food
  • Insatiable cravings (or restful satisfaction)
  • Chronic stress (or calm and relaxation)
  • Daily fatigue (or nonstop energy)

Diets don't work because they fail to address the hormonal root cause. If you're overweight, it's a clear signal that your hormones are broken. No diet can work if it's working against your hormones.

The idea behind The Hormone Reset Diet is simple: In 3-day bursts, you'll focus on making specific dietary changes that will reset your hormones. Every 3 days you'll trade up from specific metabolism-wrecking foods to better foods. This will reset your out-of-whack hormones and fix your broken metabolism in just 21 days!

A few simple food swaps: That's all it takes to RESET EACH OF THE 7 KEY HORMONES THAT CONTROL YOUR METABOLISM!

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The Hormone Reset Diet worked for Dr. Sara and for thousands of other women, and it can work for you, too.

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In the first Hormone Reset phase, Kristy lost 17 pounds and 7 inches off her waist. Kristy started to notice other changes, such as no back pain or constipation. The weight began to fall off. Now she sleeps deeply and restfully.

After completing her Hormone Reset, she lost another 57 pounds, for a total of 74 pounds lost.

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The people featured in this promotion were highly successful in losing weight following the program described in The Hormone Reset Diet. Although no one can guarantee results, multiple medical and university studies have shown the link between foods and their ability to alleviate various conditions and diseases. A typical person who follows the plan described in The Hormone Reset Diet should expect a safe and healthy weight loss of up to 15 pounds in 21 days and 1 to 2 pounds per week after that.

» TRY the HORMONE RESET diet FREE for 21 days!
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